Technology is evolving at unprecedented speeds. From Big Data to IoT, companies are struggling to understand the evolution of data and how it provides competitive advantage. According to recent analysis, the size of our “Digital Universe” is expected to double every two years, reaching a 50-fold growth rate by end of this decade. And with all this data, clearly there must be ways to protect it. And that’s where companies spend most of their time struggling.

Billions of people fall victim to cyber-attacks every year. During the second quarter of 2018 alone, USA Today reported 765 million people were impacted by data breaches. And the ramifications are severe – going far beyond the attack itself. The 2017 data breach at Equifax, for example, USA Today reportedly exposed 143 million Americans to the danger of life-long identity theft. It’s no wonder service providers are increasingly dedicating time and resources to build out their security portfolios.

Unfortunately, cobbling together security solutions isn’t the answer. Many value-added resellers (VARs) waste time on portfolio creation and management.  By taking a “tools-first” approach, they’re missing the point. What’s critical is more focus on one piece that brings it all together – a “Missing Link” in the creation of comprehensive security offerings.

One security offering for all customers just isn’t effective. That’s because every company is at its own stage of the cyber security journey. While one may have a baseline cyber strategy in place, others are already working towards full integration of legacy security tools with advanced offerings. Some larger companies may host dedicated Security Operations Centers (SOC), others can operate most effectively with SOC-as-a-Service.

For a VAR venturing into increasingly complex security offerings, it’s a confusing world. Beyond fully understanding each unique product offering, it’s often challenging because the model is very different from other service portfolios. There are unique contracts and templates to consider, as well as putting together the right sales force and creating efficient billing for these services. Service providers new to security often require special guidance to ensure their portfolio can address the needs of a broad range of customers – from small businesses to established industry leaders. You can’t decide not to offer them, however, or your business will lose out on the most promising opportunity for recurring revenue in the IT arena today.

For many partners, the team at InterGrid can provide the Missing Link between considering a security services’ practice and actually creating one that satisfy your customers while generating recurring revenue. Backed by a team with decades of experience, we cut through the noise to find the best security providers, so you don’t have to vet them. We also understand what it takes to engineer a winning security practice and can help you create the best comprehensive offering for your customers. We can not only help guide providers through individual product nuances, but also help them avoid messy contracts and end-user agreements.

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