The internet is fertile ground for cyber criminals. Crimes can be committed from thousands of miles away, the payoff is good – in data or cold, hard cash – and, most companies can’t keep up with ever-evolving threats. While most of your customers are probably aware of cyber crime, they don’t see themselves as targets. Many small businesses don’t consider their networks or data “valuable” enough to be targeted. They are wrong. In truth, half of all cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses. As a VAR or MSP, you can help them understand the real risks – and ways to mitigate them by going beyond the typical “Maginot Line” approach and investing in a virtual cyber security information officer (vCISO) to create a comprehensive security program that will truly protect their data assets.

Here’s What Your Customers Need to Know

  • Accenture predicts that companies that invest in robust cyber prevention methods now will realize new revenue opportunities in the future.
  • Small business owners are the perfect target, because, as mentioned, they don’t think they are “worth” being attacked. Shockingly, most invest less than $500 in cyber security, but they should know that, according to Cybint, almost 60% of companies have experienced cyber-attacks, such as DDoS, phishing, and social engineering attacks.
  • The 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report (ACR) predicts that businesses will fall for ransomware attacks every 14 seconds. While you were reading that sentence, a ransomware attack took place somewhere in the world.
  • Anyone can buy a hacking tool kit and/ or software on the dark web for as little as $1. Or, they can skip the dark web entirely and just search the internet to find third-party hacking apps.
  • EVERYTHING is connected to the internet, from your customers’ (and their employees’) Smartphones to their Fitbits and Apple watches. The average IoT device could be attacked easily within the first five minutes of connecting to the internet, putting their networks at risk.

Here’s What VARs, SIs and MSPs Need to Know

The market for cyber security is in the billions, and Forbes says that cybercrime soon will cost more in damages than all natural disasters in a year and even exceed the global trade of all illegal drugs. Don’t miss out on tapping into this lucrative market because you don’t offer managed cyber security solutions to your customers. No matter where your client is on the cyber security landscape, InterGrid JetStream can help. Our vCISO offerings include:

  • Decades of expertise in cyber security program development, cyber forensics, threat modeling and analysis, as well as compliance across a range of industries.
  • Cyber security training that will help your customers reduce the risk of security incidents.
  • Comprehensive risk assessments to your customers can effectively identify, manage and mitigate information security risks.
  • Greater insight into a customer’s full security threat landscape so they can prioritize the most effective remediation tools and programs.
  • Full compliance with all core regulations or standards – from PCI and HIPAA to SOX, GDPR or FERPA.

Let us help you find the right vCISO offering for your clients. We will help you private-label it to reflect your brand and key messaging and get you up and running – and tapping into those billions in cyber security dollars – in weeks.