Sales Enablement

InterGrid provides our partners with an extensive enablement program designed to integrate Managed Services into the operation and activate marketing, sales, engineering, and operations quickly and efficiently. With the InterGrid approach, you are able to stand up a Managed Services practice in 120 days or less!

Our industry leading enablement framework consists of the following stages and activities:

  • Practice Development
    • Financial Goals
    • Go-to-Market (GTM)
    • Sales/Marketing/Engineering Operations plans and programs
  • Activation
    • Build Sales/Marketing programs
    • Train Sales/Marketing/Engineering
  • Sales/Marketing Programs Activation
  • Scaling the Practice

In order to support our reseller’s efforts, InterGrid provides the following resources:

  • Expert business consulting to integrate managed services into the operation
  • Open-source business planning templates
    • Financial Plans
    • GTM Development and Execution
  • Customizable Sales and Marketing Programs
    • Executive Engagement
    • Events
    • Multichannel relationship marketing (Digital/Email/Search)
    • Custom Programs
  • Sales/Marketing/Engineering Training

As an InterGrid reseller of JetStream, you will be provided standard documentation, including:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Compensation Plans
  • Standard Contracts (Master Services Agreements & Managed Reseller Agreements)
  • Marketing Portfolio offering data sheets
  • End-user Transition/Onboarding templates
  • Statements of Work
  • Client-facing Presentations

Whether you have an existing practice that needs augmenting, or you are establishing a completed Managed Services Practice, InterGrid has programs to meet your business requirements. We work with resellers of all sizes and business focus across North America.

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