Print Management

JetStream by InterGrid offers Print Management Services that can help you keep copier and printer dealers out of your business. The JetStream provider’s approach is to use an easily installed business intelligence (BI)/Analytics tool to gather data, to give you real-time insight into whether your clients’ printers and copiers are wasting space, power, and money. The provider’s software is installed, runs silently and in a few weeks, you are able to show compelling data indicating savings and as much as a 200% ROI.

The Print Management Services provider offers a range of secure tools that will help your clients gain efficiencies while lowering costs. Features include:

  • Detailed printer/copier usage reporting
  • Smart-Print
  • Secure-Print Mobile
  • Patented policy-based print engine
  • Proven savings

The JetStream Print Management Services provider allows you to assist your clients in lowering total printing costs. Additionally, this solution can provide Secure-Print capabilities that align with your clients’ business requirements and legal mandates, such as HIPAA.