Military experts are familiar with the term “Maginot Line” and how what was intended to provide security caused Germans to become more innovative in their attack techniques. Thus, “blitzkrieg” was developed, and France fell in six weeks.

It’s not unlike the scenario playing out across today’s small businesses and the VARs and MSPs who serve them.

When it comes to  cybersecurity, many companies are comfortable relying on old procedures – rather than building new and effective security and compliance capabilities.  Without the proper guidance from a knowledgeable and proven security provider, many – stick with a risk mitigation study and documentation of cybersecurity discrepancies to compete for government awards – a true Maginot Line approach.  But the government is expecting more and will shortly be conducting audits to confirm compliance.

This is a core industry dynamic every reseller must understand to effectively design a portfolio that helps customers overcome these shortcomings.

And the issue is becoming increasingly dire – as current government standards remain ambiguous. Originally, the Department of Defense (DoD) Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) provided an agency-wide standard for IT certification and accreditation. In 2014, DIACAP was replaced by the Risk Management Framework (RMF) – aligned with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  

This is the perfect opportunity for value added resellers to step in and help.

When it comes to true RMF compliance, all companies struggle with supporting 24/7 continuous monitoring services. Most lacking qualified cybersecurity personnel to design cybersecurity environments that are truly compliant. There’s also a shortage of imagination in designing shared enterprise services that can benefit small businesses that don’t have the funds to do so.

Offering your clients a turn-key outsourced cyber security solution, similar to using a payroll service, is an option that many of them may not have considered. Frankly, if most companies use an outsourced payroll service, why would they not consider outsourcing cyber security monitoring, which is even more complex?  Teaming with a third-party partner can provide this support in a cost-effective manner and allow companies to focus on their core business while they stay on top of today’s threats and effectively address the changing landscape of attack vectors.

VARs and MSPs don’t need to create these solutions on their own. Finding a company with a proven and vetted Cyber Security Services portfolio not only allows you to present immediate  expertise to your customers, it also offers you extensive access to the best security service with a 100-percent compliant solution that is relatively inexpensive (compared to building your own or hiring expertise) as an outsourced service. InterGrid’s outsourced solution allows a cost effective and secure way to bid for – and effectively support – all government work requiring cyber security compliance.

We help VARs and MSPs create a full scope of critical security services, under their own brand, that  allow for growth in revenue, while dramatically enhancing a reseller’s position as a trusted advisor. Our experts are highly qualified at handling the ongoing confusion as security and compliance requirements evolve and can help you create new revenue streams, while empowering your customers to move compliance and cybersecurity to the next level!

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