Comstor Releases JetStream 2.0

Comstor has announced the release of JetStream 2.0, offering a fresh approach to the selling of managed services with an expanded portfolio of providers and services.

JetStream 2.0 is offered in conjunction with InterGrid, a long-standing strategic partner of Comstor in the managed services market. The program is structured to enable resellers to have a direct relationship with the managed services providers, thereby eliminating a level of complexity.

JetStream 2.0 focuses on resellers who want to sell managed services, but either do not have an existing managed services practice or are looking to augment their current managed services portfolio. This updated approach has also removed the inherent risk offset and margin stacking effects of a three-tier distribution model.

In addition to the original scope services of; Security, Network, Data Center, Collaboration, Operations and End-User, JetStream 2.0 includes Carrier Services and Print Management.