InterGrid Approach

At InterGrid, we know the Managed Services business; we have taken the effort out of identifying, validating, contracting, integrating and branding white-label Managed Services Providers services as your own.

JetStream can be considered a Managed Services Practice “in-a-box”. InterGrid managed services experts work with you to brand JetStream as your own, providing you customized: data sheets, pricing, proposal, and statement of works. We provide  sales training, business operations services and support and access to legal counsel who is well versed in services agreements.

InterGrid offers multiple tiers of participation in the JetStream program to meet your business  needs.

  • Multiple Service Providers
  • Vetting of Providers Capabilities
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Support – Provider Neutral
  • Standardized Contracts
  • Integration of Business Processes and Terms
  • Operational Oversight of Managed Service Providers
  • Continuous Addition of Capabilities as Market Changes

Private Labeled Managed Services